BSA Bankruptcy

Filed Feb 18th, 2020


As stated in the
Boy Scouts bankruptcy plan.
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Found 7,487 Claims
of 82,209
NOTICE: We are still working through identifying, confirming, and tagging the Claims.
Claim # Abuse Type State Council
121213 Groping N/A N/A
121205 Unknown/Unconfirmed KS Quivira
121164 Oral Sex N/A N/A
121163 Unknown/Unconfirmed OH Black Swamp Area
121156 Masturbation AZ Grand Canyon
121124 Unknown/Unconfirmed N/A N/A
121121 Oral Sex MA Spirit of Adventure
121115 Unknown/Unconfirmed N/A N/A
121097 Groping N/A N/A
121070 Missing N/A N/A
121021 Groping MA Spirit of Adventure
121016 Groping N/A N/A
121013 Groping MI Michigan Crossroads
121010 Oral Sex N/A N/A
120995 N/A N/A N/A
120994 Groping N/A N/A
120963 Missing N/A N/A
120937 Oral Sex N/A N/A
120935 Oral Sex N/A N/A
120929 N/A N/A N/A
120928 Penetration N/A N/A
120915 N/A N/A N/A
120909 Oral Sex NH Daniel Webster
120906 Groping FL Greater Tampa Bay Area
120854 Masturbation N/A N/A
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