Boy Scouts Bankruptcy Filed
Feb 18th, 2020



As in the Boy Scouts Bankruptcy Plan
NOTICE: Much more details and charts coming soon.

• There are tens of thousands of churches, schools, and several other entities that are Charters.

• Liability releases for these non-debtor third parties in the BSA plan, potentially extending to tens of thousands of entities, is unprecedented, and part of what makes this a landmark bankruptcy if settled as currently proposed.

Charters, As defined on the Boy Scouts website...

"A chartered organization can be a place of worship, school, or other community group that has the same interests as the Boy Scouts of America (BSA)."

"Annually the local council enters into an agreement with the chartered organization granting them a charter. This charter enables the organization or group to use the Scouting program under adult leadership they approve of in order to accomplish its objectives and to serve the organization's youth and families."

10 With Most Claims

Charter Organization Claims
1 Methodist 3,886
2 Baptist 3,274
3 Catholic 3,213
4 Mormon/LDS 2,481
5 Presbyterian 1,687
6 Lutheran 1,474
7 Armed Forces 704
8 Episcopal 597
9 American Legion 496
10 YMCA 488
Abuse Claims flagged as "Armed Forces" named one of the following groups: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, or the generic US Military or US Armed Forces.