Boy Scouts Bankruptcy Filed
Feb 18th, 2020


Found 1,335 Touching-Unclothed Claims
of 82,209
NOTICE: We are still working through identifying, confirming, and tagging the Claims.
Claim # Abuse Type State Council
367 Touching-Unclothed NY Greater New York
378 Touching-Unclothed NY Greater Niagara Frontier
668 Touching-Unclothed MD Baltimore Area
796 Touching-Unclothed MA Spirit of Adventure
826 Touching-Unclothed GA Atlanta Area
858 Touching-Unclothed OH Dan Beard
917 Touching-Unclothed CA Pacific Skyline
992 Touching-Unclothed NJ Jersey Shore
1039 Touching-Unclothed CA Orange County
1193 Touching-Unclothed CA San Diego-Imperial
1245 Touching-Unclothed LA Southeast Louisiana
1501 Touching-Unclothed VA Tidewater
1625 Touching-Unclothed N/A N/A
1737 Touching-Unclothed N/A N/A
2088 Touching-Unclothed N/A N/A
2159 Touching-Unclothed GA Atlanta Area
2170 Touching-Unclothed CA Greater Yosemite
2203 Touching-Unclothed CA Greater Los Angeles Area
2357 Touching-Unclothed N/A N/A
2376 Touching-Unclothed N/A N/A
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