Boy Scouts Bankruptcy Filed
Feb 18th, 2020


Voting Results

Expedited Distribution Election

7,487 elected to receive Expedited Distribution of a one-time Cash payment from the Settlement Trust in the amount of $3,500.00 conditioned upon satisfaction of the criteria set forth in the Trust Distribution Procedures, in exchange for a full and final release in favor of the Settlement Trust, the Protected Parties, and the Chartered Organizations.
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Found 1,133 Claims
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Claim # Abuse Type State Council
121156 Masturbation AZ Grand Canyon
120854 Masturbation N/A N/A
120674 Masturbation UT Crossroads of the West
120497 Masturbation N/A N/A
120375 Masturbation AL Greater Alabama
120372 Masturbation N/A N/A
119797 Masturbation N/A N/A
119696 Masturbation MN Twin Valley
119657 Masturbation AL Greater Alabama
119559 Masturbation FL South Florida
119462 Masturbation N/A N/A
119359 Masturbation N/A N/A
119177 Masturbation CA Golden Gate Area
119083 Masturbation UT Crossroads of the West
118961 Masturbation MO Great Rivers
118820 Masturbation N/A N/A
118818 Masturbation N/A N/A
118729 Masturbation N/A N/A
118707 Masturbation NJ Patriots' Path
118408 Masturbation N/A N/A
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7,487 Boy Scouts of America
Child Sex Abuse Survivors
Elected Expedited Distribution
Abuse Type Total
Penetration 24,539 1,688
Oral Sex 18,856 1,469
Masturbation 13,022 1,133
Groping 17,138 1,954
Touching (Unclothed) 1,879 269
Touching (Clothed) 1,294 236
Unknown/Unconfirmed 3,817 555
Missing 1,664 183
82,209 7,487