Boy Scouts Bankruptcy Filed
Feb 18th, 2020


Voting Results

Expedited Distribution Election

7,487 elected to receive Expedited Distribution of a one-time Cash payment from the Settlement Trust in the amount of $3,500.00 conditioned upon satisfaction of the criteria set forth in the Trust Distribution Procedures, in exchange for a full and final release in favor of the Settlement Trust, the Protected Parties, and the Chartered Organizations.
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Found 236 Claims
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Claim # Abuse Type State Council
120424 Touching-Clothed MO Heart of America
119389 Touching-Clothed N/A N/A
119351 Touching-Clothed N/A N/A
119154 Touching-Clothed N/A N/A
118803 Touching-Clothed N/A N/A
118429 Touching-Clothed N/A N/A
117692 Touching-Clothed OK Cimarron
117653 Touching-Clothed CA Redwood Empire
117160 Touching-Clothed N/A N/A
116678 Touching-Clothed N/A N/A
116198 Touching-Clothed PA New Birth of Freedom
114195 Touching-Clothed PA Washington Crossing
113123 Touching-Clothed N/A N/A
112906 Touching-Clothed MA Spirit of Adventure
112082 Touching-Clothed CA Silicon Valley Monterey Bay
112040 Touching-Clothed N/A N/A
111993 Touching-Clothed OK Indian Nations
111750 Touching-Clothed N/A N/A
109223 Touching-Clothed GA Flint River
107110 Touching-Clothed OR Cascade Pacific
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7,487 Boy Scouts of America
Child Sex Abuse Survivors
Elected Expedited Distribution
Abuse Type Total
Penetration 24,539 1,688
Oral Sex 18,856 1,469
Masturbation 13,022 1,133
Groping 17,138 1,954
Touching (Unclothed) 1,879 269
Touching (Clothed) 1,294 236
Unknown/Unconfirmed 3,817 555
Missing 1,664 183
82,209 7,487