Can a New Name Give the Boy Scouts a New Lease on Life?
Date Shared: May 16th, 2024
Date Released: May 15th, 2024


Last week, the Boy Scouts of America did something its community (and the country) never thought it would do: It rebranded without the eponymous “boys” in its name. Now known as Scouting America, the +100-year-old youth organization announced its new name as part of ongoing efforts to revitalize its brand.

For years, scrutiny and scandal have damaged the business, resulting in its 2020 bankruptcy filing. It reemerged in 2023, but only after proceeding with the largest sexual abuse settlement in U.S. history: $2.46 billion. It was time for the Boy Scouts to do something about its brand, but the name can’t be the only thing it changes.


For decades, it faced intense criticism (and accompanying lawsuits) for controversial restrictions on membership and accusations of sexual abuse. It eventually gave into the public’s pleas, allowing gay members in 2013, gay adult leaders in 2015, transgender boys in 2017 and, finally, girls in 2019.


Because if it were a boys-only organization all this time and still couldn’t do right by them, why would this next phase be any different?