Boy Scouts Bankruptcy Filed
Feb 18th, 2020


Statute Of Limitations: Closed
Claims: 70
Councils: 2

Councils (2)

# Council Name Claims
695 Black Hills Area 31
733 Sioux 39


There are at the least 70 Boy Scouts Child Sex Abuse Survivors in South Dakota that are Claimants in the Boy Scouts bankruptcy with 82,209 Boy Scouts Child Sex Abuse Survivors.
This number may increase as we confirm additional Claims whose information has not yet been completed. More information coming soon.
Claims By Abuse Type
Penetration 25
Masturbation 17
Oral Sex 12
Groping 9
Touch (Unclothed) 3
Unknown/Unconfirmed 3
Touch (Clothed) 1


Boy Scouts Perversion Files: Abusers in South Dakota (10)